Since the birth of my twins I have had chronic pain and consistent muscle tension. Pain management became something of a hobby. I had consulted with my doctor, visited a chiropractor, tried physical therapy, pilates, massage, and yoga. All of these helped moderately but Yamuna is better and it’s more affordable than massage or physical therapy.
— Rachel
Starting out I just thought, “I’lI give it a try.” And it has been so effective, I’ve continued YBR for months now. It has helped me loosen up my shoulders and hips. I like it so much I’ve purchased a set of balls so I can do it at home on my days off from seeing Anya. It helps me to do my other workouts better.
— Carla
When we first started working together, my body was locked up and full of rocks. Now those barriers have been removed and I can work deeper into my body for even more relief. I didn’t even realize that my hips and abdomen were tight. Now that I have loosened them, my lower back feels better also. My digestive system has loosened. Breathing is much easier. I feel as though I have grown an inch taller from my legs through my abdomen all the way up to my neck. My mood has improved and I find that I am responding more effectively to others.
— Kerry
I can’t believe that in one hour I feel this good. I don’t need the painkillers that I used to take.
— Leslie
Wow. Just wow. This is a revelation. My neck and shoulders have new space. They don’t need to be scrunched and tight. I feel longer, looser, and open.
— Anne
Today’s session has done more for my neck and shoulders than 9 months with my physical therapist.
— Sue
Doing Yamuna Body Rolling has really enhanced my overall mobility. I can move my body just like the 20 year olds in my yoga class!
— Cindy
I wanted to find something to do in combination with other life choices—exercise, cardio, eating healthy. I wanted to find something that would help me keep focus on holistic wellness.
— Kelly
“What a great experience I had during Saturday’s session. I went for a recovery run (5 miles) on Sunday afternoon. My legs and body haven’t felt this good in a long time- especially this close to a marathon!”
— Ray